Follow up from Joyce Moon

Empowering Your Child to Face Life's Challenges

Thanks to Joyce Moon for giving an excellent and informative talk at our Sept. 28th General Meeting. Joyce wanted to be sure to empower those in attendance with additional tools and information:

SO WHAT DO WE DO INSTEAD? We heard the message that rescuing our children wasn't giving them the skills they need, but we didn't get any new tools to increase their success. We can't just let our children sink or swim alone (remember that supportive, empathetic, nurturing parent).

You can help your child to make better choices by teaching problem solving. You will have lots of opportunities to teach this skills and every problem does not need to be discussed (but remember your long term goal of having an independently functioning adult).

Problem solving discussion with your child:

Parenting takes great courage, determination, persistence, and love. Remember to share your joy and love everyday along with setting standards and expectations.

~ Joyce Moon
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